CAN-Bus allows us to add a lot of devices to a single bus (theoretically up to […]
ATMEGA328P Module with integrated LoRa and CAN-BUS INTRODUCTION In my quest to perfect my LoRa telemetry […]
Introduction After quite a few experiments, and playing with a lot of ideas, we have finally […]
With the initial prototyping of my IoT Controller now completed, and software performing as expected, I […]
Welcome to Part 3 of this build. If you are new to this series, Part1 and […]
In my previous post, available here, I have shown you the initial stages of designing and […]
Table of contents Introduction My RequirementsMy SolutionExpandabilityPrototyping–> Initial Software Installation—–> Start Home Assistant—–> Install ESPHome—–> Flashing […]
So many people asked me which Lora Module I use for my projects. In this part […]
Introduction When designing IoT solutions, we all encounter the problem of connecting our device(s) to each […]
In our last post, we started looking at the workings of the I2C protocol. In case […]