Useful ESP12E-DEV Prototype Shield

ESP-12E Prototype Shield

In answer to quite a few requests for a prototype shield, similar to my ESP32-S Dev Prototype shield, but for use with the ESP-12E DEV board, I have decided to do a quick design, and make it available publicly

This is the MakerIOT2020 ESP12E-DEV Prototype Shield. It is similar in purpose to the above-mentioned ESP32-S Dev Prototype shield, but I have also added some additional cosmetic changes to make it a little easier to use as well.

With many of my prototype designs, I tend to sometimes leave out something, as I usually use it for my own purposes only, but with this design, as many people specifically asked for it, I took a bit more care, as it is no longer just a prototype, right?

What has changed?

The most obvious is the increased prototyping area. The initial ESP32-S version had a 60-hole breadboard-style prototyping area. The new design has 128 prototype holes.

There is also a dedicated power input header, something that I somehow left out on the ESP32-S version… The Flash and Reset push-buttons were also moved inline, and to the bottom of the shield, making it more comfortable to use.

The design retains the plated through-hole design on the prototype area with connecting tracks on both sides of the PCB to allow for a bit more current.

The big ground plane on both sides of the PCB has also been retained.

PCB Design and Schematic

Top Layer Layout
Bottom Layer Layout

The prototype shield is for all purposes a breadboard. I did thus not bother with a formal schematic. I believe that it is easy enough to understand the connections by just looking at the two images above.


The PCB for this project has been manufactured at PCBWay.
Please consider supporting them if you would like your own copy of this PCB, or if you have any PCB of your own that you need to have manufactured.

You can get your own copy here


Some More Pictures of the PCB

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