A few months ago, I was approached by one of the Embeetle team members, to give some feedback on a new IDE that they were working on. I decided to do that, and what a good decision it was… I am not your average developer, and as such, doesn’t spend a lot of my time on fancy IDE software. I rather focus on getting things done… I have been outgrowing the popular Arduino IDE for a long time now, as it is quite limiting in some areas, but stuck to it, as it sort of still serves a purpose in my style of development…

Embeetle changed that outlook completely, and I was hooked almost immediately. Working closely with the development team over the last few months to add Arduino support to Embeetle was also extremely rewarding, especially being able to use bleeding edge software, and actively participating in helping find bugs and discussing new ways to implement new features.

The support team is great, and bugs gets fixed extremely fast, only one advantage of a small dedicated team of programmers, that are focused on quality…

With the now public release of Embeetle, with Arduino Support, a brand new serial monitor, and also a very intuitive library manager, I really hope that more users will give this new IDE a try and hopefully, like me, become hooked and stay with it in the long run…



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