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Welcome to the “Make your Own…” section of my site. These days it is quite easy to buy a specific controller or sensor from various companies online as well as from electronics shops. Sometimes it is actually preferable to manufacture your own specific part. This may seem extremely difficult and complicated to some of us, but it is actually quite easy, and you can always tailor it to your exact needs.

In this section. I will start adding some common, but extremely useful circuits for those times that you want to do it yourself, or just can’t wait for something to arrive from overseas… 

This section of the site will also contain other commonly used circuit diagrams, for some commonly used shields and development boards, to be used as a reference as needed.

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Custom PCB’s that are freely available

A Businesscard form factor Arduino Nano Clone
STM32F103C8T6 PCB files available for free

8 DI Optically Isolated Arduino Shield
MakerIoT2020 MCU-8866-12E IoT Controller

Motor Control

What is an H-Bridge Motor Controller
Controlling a Motor using the H-Bridge – A Practical Example
Manufacturing Files for Dual-channel H-Bridge PCB *Free Download

Logic Building Blocks

The Logic Gates – Built using only transistors and a few resistors
PWM Generator and Touch Switch using Logic gates

All About I2C

What exactly is I2C – A quick bit of theory
I2C between Maker Nano and Kid-Bright 32 – Focusing on the code
Multiple devices on the same I2C bus ( 4 to be precise ) – Part 3 of the I2C series
Using an I2C OLED Display
Using a Matrix Keypad together with and I2C port Expander
The MCP23017 16 bit IO Expander

All about SPI

What is SPI – A quick bit of theory
SPI Communication between STM32 “Blue Pill” and Maker Nano – Part 2 of the SPI Series

The ESP8266 and ESP32

AT Command Set – Making it easy to rapidly add connectivity to your project

LoRa and LoRa Modules

LoRa Series, Part 1
LoRa Series, Part 2
LoRa Series, Part3

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