Welcome to our New Site

Welcome to our new website on www.makeriot2020.com. It has been a while, but I finally managed to get the domain and hosting issues sorted out. (It took some time as I am doing everything myself, as I believe that hiring a developer to do something as easy as a simple blog type site is a wasted opportunity to do something myself.)

I have become a bit rusted with these ICT skills, as I did not need to do these things for a few years now. This site will bring much-needed refreshing of my skills 🙂

As far as my older posts are concerned, the will stay available on the old google sites platform, as I don’t think it is good practice to move them here. The effort with recreating them, as well as updating all the links in previous posts to Facebook, is not quite worth the effort. That combined with some of the limitations on what is possible with google sites, made me believe that this is the best way to go, Old posts stay on old site, and new stuff goes here.

Feel free to tell me what you think about that in the comments below 🙂

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