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Introduction to Embeetle

Developers can be, and surely are, a very unique breed of people. Makers, or enthusiasts, fit into this group as well. When we do things to make our projects, we need certain tools, and over time we get very reliant on our tools… We also get very frustrated with some of the limitations of our tools, especially the IDE. We also do not have time or energy to learn a new IDE, especially if it is bulky and clustered, takes a long time to start, and generally uses a lot of our computer resources…

So, as already mentioned in a previous article,, a few months ago, my friend Kristof asked me to have a look at a new IDE that he was working on. Many hours, weeks and months later, we have a quite usable version of the Embeetle IDE.

But what makes this Embeetle IDE different from all the other IDE’s out there? Surely it is just an IDE, and thus not much different from the Arduino IDE, or Eclipse, or VS Code ? Why should you even bother to learn and use this ?

Well, lets look at some of the reasons:

1) It is actively developed, by a small group of very dedicated Belgium developers.
2) It is free to use.
3) It already supports many different chips, with more on the way.
4) It allows you to edit all your project files, including make-files, while not making any changes to any file automatically.
5) Includes a very easy to use library manager.
6) All projects are “self contained” meaning all needed files are in one folder. This makes your project highly portable.
7) Updates quickly and bugs are fixed real real quick.
8) Platform independent ( At the moment supports Windows and Linux, with other platforms on the way soon )

I plan to add quite a lot of tutorials and how-to guides on using this IDE on this page in future, as it has very quickly replaced the Arduino IDE in my development cycle ( as far as using Arduino and STM32 devices are concerned)

Please come back often to learn more, or feel free to ask questions in the comments..

I do not work for Embeetle. I do some alpha and beta testing for the Embeetle IDE on request, and out of personal interest. As this is my OWN website, and I link to my OWN facebook and Instagram profiles, there are no conflict of interests, or spam in this article.