A Business Card with a Purpose

I recently got some inspiration from the JLCPCB User Group on Facebook. Catherine showed off her PCB style business card, and I just had to had one myself. As it is also
time to get some new cards of my own, I decided to do a PCB version, that can be handed out to very special customers, but with a twist… I added a functional Arduino Nano style
circuit to the business card, complete with microUSB port etc.

New Business Card – Front Side

My plan is to have some of these manufactured at Jlcpcb together with my next order, to save on shipping 😉 I am planning to have it done with a black soldermask, as well as real gold surface treatment.

Back of the Business card

I will leave the Gold PCB without components, or maybe have a few assembled, have not decided yet 🙂

You can get access to the entire project, in case you are also inspired to do your own
on GitHub here: https://github.com/makeriot2020/BusinessCard-Nano
or on the EasyEDA Software here: https://easyeda.com/jean.redelinghuys/bussinescard

I hope someone is inspired enough to try their own, or if you are so inclined, order some from me. If I get enough of a response, I will a standard PCB run, but with lead-free HASL 🙂

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