Easy Arduino Tutorials

Easy Arduino Tutorials to help you get some stuff done. Quickly

If you are working on a project, looking for specific information or just reading to improve your general knowledge, our Easy Arduino Tutorials will have something for everyone. We will also keep updating this content so that you can get all your Easy Arduino Tutorials in one place; Right here.

Tutorials on Extending Outputs and Inputs

Extending the inputs and outputs of your Arduino – Part 1
Extending the inputs and outputs of your Arduino – Part 2

Tutorials on using the Arduino as an IoT Webserver

Arduino Webserver – Part 1 – AJAX and JavaScript
Arduino Webserver – Part 2 – Loading an HTML file from SD Card

Tutorials on using I2C to connect various devices

Multiple devices on the I2C bus. All controlled by Arduino Uno clone
Using an I2C OLED Display
The MCP23017 IO Expander

SPI communication with the Arduino Nano

SPI communication between Maker Nano and STM32 “Blue Pill” – Part two of the SPI Series

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