PCB Files for Dual H-Bridge

The Gerber files ( used for manufacturing your own PCB ) of my Dual H-Bridge Controller is available for download on GitHub. This PCB can be used to control two DC motors OR one Bipolar stepper motor.

This PCB can be ordered from JLCPCB, for only a few dollars. They will manufacture it in about 3 days, and send it directly to your door via your preferred shipping company. It is actually extremely easy to order a PCB from JLCPCB… Just go to their site, https://www.jlcpcb.com, upload the Gerber files from my project on Github, select the quantity of PCB’s you want, along with any other options, like Solder Mask Color, Surface finish etc.. and add it to your cart. You can then check-out your order securely, and pay with various secure payment options…

Let us get back to the project…

In the previous two parts of this project

What is an H-Bridge Controller
Using an H-Bridge Controller – A practical example

We went over all of the theory on how this actually works.
In this final part, I will show you how to build your own version of this device.

It is based on the TIP125 (or TIP127) and TIP120 Medium Power transistors. The download link is available here, as well as on the bottom of the page.

Top side of the PCB
Bottom side of the PCB
Design View of the PCB
This project has passed OSHW Certification. Click the image to view the certificate.
Schematic for the PCB

Download the Gerber Files here

Thank you.

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