Quality Prototyping Modules

Prototyping Modules

When you are designing a new product, you always need a few prototyping modules to get you going, and save some time.

It is therefor quite important that you choose quality products, because you will after all be using them quite often. Good products are also quite expensive. 

The Ideal prototyping module, in our opinion, is a module that:

– Works out of the box, every time, no questions asked.

– Provides access to all of the peripherals of the specific chip/device

– Has great documentation, in an easy to reach location

– Working and reliable code examples

– Efficient Customer support for when things do go wrong

– Value for money

The following list is carefully curated. It only contains products from companies that we use ourselves. They produce most of their products in house, have  strict quality control, and conforms to all of the requirements listed

Cytron Maker Nano with ATMEGA328p

An Arduino Nano Clone, but so much more… LED’s on the GPIO lines (can be disabled), built in buzzer and user button, as well as Cytron’s unique way of making something simple really great. 

Cytron Maker Uno (ATMEGA328P)

Specifically designed for classroom use, this Arduino Uno clone has all the features of the Arduino Uno, as well as all of those on the Cytron Maker Nano. It is also perfect for Makers and other hobbyists.

Cytron Maker Nano RP2040

The Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) Microcontroller took us all by surprise. Building on their very successful Maker Series, Cytron recently released the Maker Nano RP2040. It has all the features of the original Raspberry Pi Pico, but
with added Cytron goodies similar to the Maker Nano… Led’s on the GPIO Lines, a Buzzer, as well as two RGB LED’s. The board is Arduino IDE, as well as Circuit Python and Micropython capable.  

Cytron Maker Pi RP2040

Getting started with a robotics project could not be easier. Cytron Maker Pi RP2040 Robotics development platform will have you covered. Two Motor controllers, Built-in LiPo battery Charger, Buzzer, Grove ports and all the other goodies
from the Maker Series. A well designed development board, that is easy to get started with right out of the box.